Charles Dixon – Reload Reward Ft Tom Jordan

Charles Dixon releases his hot new video for his single ‘Reload Reward’ featuring Tom Jordan & Sashique with additional backing vocals by Kiid Dreamer & Sam Walker produced by Charles Dixon & Tom Jordan

The video starts of with Tom Jordan and Charles Dixon heading into a house party. What’s next is a head bopping beat, a lively chorus, and a lot of hype! the video was shot in three different locations with a cast of around 30 people making it the artist biggest video to date and helping put Charles Dixon in more people’s mouth as he continues to grow and cement his place on the music scene.

The creative team behind this video includes We Were Here Creations (Arron West) and local production company DMLK Video who shot the video.

Charles said: “This is the end result of different people from the same area honing their specific craft and coming together.

“No label, no major studio, no external funding or assistance.

“This is entirely a product of Watford and is an example of what is capable to anyone who is working independently. For all the reasons above, Watford Museum seemed like a perfect place to showcase the video.”

Out soon on iTunes & Spotify.