Danni Jackson’s Debut E.P ‘W.D.K.Y’- REVIEW

Danni Jackson’s Debut E.P ‘W.D.K.Y’- REVIEW

UK Singer and Songwriter Danni Jackson from Brighton bursts on to the scene with her Debut E.P ‘W.D.K.Y’ which fuses pop, contemporary r&b with elements of hip hop. Produced by Phocus Beats (Outhouse Entertainment) and Mixed/Mastered by Oscar Lo Brutto, it is definitely a sound masterpiece.
This 5 track E.P embraces the journey in a relationship from lust to heartbreak, intimacy to solidarity, jealousy to conviction and back again.

Kicking off with ‘We Ain’t Got Love’ (a song about a relationship near the brink of destruction) Danni voices her deepest emotions and admits her wrong doing in the relationship, “I know I did wrong, I know I took advantage, but I’m not to blame.” Danni recites the wedding vows during the chorus to great effect ending with “I know you said it, but you didn’t mean it” followed by “3 years is a long time to keep it to yourself / were you thinking about her,” revealing that the partner has been unfaithful. Her vocals remain the centre of attention during the track as she uncovers the story of deception and lies.

‘W.D.K.Y’ is the second track off the E.P and is the most versatile track in terms of production, as it fuses many genres and elements together. It begins sounding pop/indie then moves briefly to an acoustic section and then progressively moves deeper into rock/hip hop with emphasis on the drums. Both vocals and production share the limelight in this track, with strong lyrics and powerful vocals from Danni.

Third track off the E.P ‘Three’ has a very catchy melody and shows the diversity in Danni’s vocals. She is softer and sultry in her delivery as this song is about pleasure and intimacy “we ain’t got no time to waste give me a taste.” The production accompanies her vocals effortlessly with a steady contemporary r&b beat.

‘Fall’ is the fourth track and again the production and lyrics compliment each other from start to finish. She voices a vulnerable side where she is “ready to fall in love” despite her uncertainty in knowing if the person is the one. This is comparable to the beginning, as the beat is similar to that of a military march and it’s as if she’s marching towards unfamiliar territory, where she is willing to take a risk, fall in love and deal with the possible consequences.

Rounding off the E.P is ‘Begga’ where Danni is giving into her inner instincts of lust and is completely consumed by the other person, “said I wouldn’t beg but you got me doing it.” The production is darker than the rest with more elements of hip-hop, topped with effortless hypnotic vocals as though love is the drug that consumes her.

Praise goes to Phocus Beats who produced this predominantly r&b and pop E.P and he has done so to great success showing his skills and range as a producer. Praise also goes to mix/master engineer that is Oscar Lo Brutto (who has worked with various UK artist such as Wretch 32, Chip [formerly known as Chipmunk], Skepta and Sneakbo) for enhancing the production and vocal’s, thereby taking Danni Jackson to another level.

This E.P is evidence of the talent she possesses as well as the potential she holds for the future. It is also possible for Danni to broaden and experiment with other genres as this E.P greatly shows her versatility as a singer and songwriter.

Danni Jackson’s Debut E.P ‘W.D.K.Y’ definitely puts Danni upfront and center in representing UK Music.

Written by Nievah Catice

April 2016

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