Lemzi – No Place Like Home

The song “(No Place Like Home)” is a 1/3 of a total piece called “Worldliness” his fortcoming mixtape called “LemziFreeBies Vol IV: A Few Words (All For Won)”. Its concept is based on a household in turmoil, with an abusive father, reliant on narcotics and getting intoxicated frequently, a pregnant mother who is fearful of not having the husband to rely on despite the way he treats her and a son who wishes to escape the perennial cycle of abuse and disdain found in his household. The song follows the narrative of one particular evening in the household where the son finally acts on how he has been feeling, to attack the father/forcefully stop him from creating any more damage. The mother follows this with a dialogue that repudiates the son’s actions in trying to defend her, leaving the family clearly broken and devastated.

LemziFreeBies Vol3: It’s Whatever” is the latest instalment of the LemziFreeBies mixtape collection by London, UK artist, LEMZI.

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