Laura Clemo‏ ‘Dust’ E.p Review

“Dust” is stylishly created by Laura Clemo, Vodou of Club Mango Music (a collective of talented artists from South London) and her team. A new heavyweighted EP loaded with five punchunt tracks. The first track entitled “Save Yourself” draws you into a mental visualisation of a live performance of a melodic and upbeat jazz and blues tone with indie vocals. The ambient sounds of the whole EP is a whirlwind of carefully tailored music.

“February” can draw you to reminesce of ‘Days of Sunny June’ by Jamiroquai. Laura recognises her comical and erotic lyrical side which embraces tropical undertones of independence and femininity.

“Learning to fly” is truly in the living spirit of hope for love, an incandescent shower of emotional vocals with a strong held instrumental that carries nostalgic reminents of Leonardo Dicaprio starring in the 90s classic ‘The Beach’.

The strophic phrases used in “Golden” blend well with the sexy funk (blues) melody. Her soulful range suits the dynamics of the string inserts. This is an intrinsically structured piece, the texture of the layers are well crafted that the chorus smoothly runs through without recognition. I could hear this being remixed with a number of other genres due to its fluidity.

The EP title track “Dust” is a subsonic electro blue tune with 90s subtle influences. When listening, you can sense the musical influences of Enya, Madonna and a number of strong female artists. Firm lyrics looped evidently correspond with the new age vibes that this and the other tracks clearly eminate.

Her artists development journey has grown more and more while she has worked with CMM and been doing a lot of independently organised shows. With sheer dedication and passion for her art, she has established her sound and herself as a young woman ready to be heard by those that respect the quality of exceptional sounds as well as an inspirational voice.

Reviewed by Nona