Balistiq Ep ‘Louder’ Review

One exciting releases that is an ecclectic part of a increasing career for two great and dedicated producers who are not only well-known for their acclaimed production skills associated with a young miss who blessed the scene in recent years ‘Delilah’. As a recognised artists, it can go unnoticed that the talented and rarely seen duo, formally named ‘Balistiq’ are easily the reason for you getting moving on hearing those vibes.


“EP: Louder” was launched on the evening of August 14th after a hosted party at ‘B-side by Wale’, Shoreditch. The Balistiq boys were very easy going and very ahead of their time in conversation as they had finalised their future plans which seem very exciting and include working with some more diverse and uniquely talented artists that are intrinsically attracted to the production sounds of Balistiq.


The EP brings a good selection of dance based tones with a mix and blend of ragga, new age grime and electro house additions. A favourite track of mine is ‘No Hook’ featuring Kano as the psychology of the concept is intellectual and witty. There is literally no chorus presented by either artist here. The verses are absolutely tantilising and takes yoi back to a time of a set at ‘Lord of the Mics’. Kano literally standa by the saying ‘No holes barred’. He pulls out all of the stops lyrically and the vocals are embellished in a very heavy bass and deep house foundation.

The literal no hook, brings the commercial sparkle that a lot of ravers need and if you are into getting down and dirty, cutting shapes and stomping until the heart in your ears is content then this is the track for you. Since growing up around the East London scene, it really takes me back but also impresses me to see how the veterans have upheld their wordplay and lyrical ability as well as seeing the boys offer up a 5-star EP that will win the heart of any music lover.

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Ep Reviewed By Nona