Trel Mack Interview

Coming from Philadelphia Trel Mack started his rap career in 2006 with his independent entertainment label Street Knowledge Entertainment (SKE) that he started with Journalist and Publicist Quinton Hatfield. Trel Mack is best known for his two releases Mack Of The Year & The New Dynasty so we decide to catch up with him and see what he’s all about.

1 Where did you grow up?

Philadelphia, Pa born and raised.

2 What inspired you to make music?

Always been of music and I’m a huge fan of all genres from Jay-Z to Earth, Wind & Fire. Just feeling great about the music I made when I was younger and the good response, definitely motivated me to take it serious and make a career out of it.

3 When did your interest in music shift from being a hobby to something you wanted to pursue as a career?

Well it became super serious I say around 2006 when I started SKE with my man Q The Question. Before I was going to the studio & it was just a hobby but once I linked with Q and starting SKE Records it was time to go full force.

4 Who were some of your influences in music?

Growing up I was a huge fan of 2pac, Mase & Big L. Mase was the man growing up and I loved his album “Harlem World”. 2pac was so inspirational and it great how the world even appreciates him to this day.

5 Have you got any up and coming projects or collaboration your working on at the moment? For sure right now I have my EP out which is doing great “Inspired By Greatness” it has the hot singles “Dreams of a Winner” and “No Holding Back”. It doing great and the next video will be “Where Do We Go” Ft. Marvo.

6 What has been your biggest challenge so far in the music business?

Well I can say handling the workload the more success you have climbing the ladder it gets insane. Doing interviews nonstop with magazines and radio but they have to be done. Also constantly in studio, meetings, videos, it is insane but we know what we signed up for.

7 What do you feel is the most important thing about making music?

Stay true to yourself and know your lane. That’s the best way I can sum it up.

8 Where would you like to see yourself in five years?

I definitely would like the Trel Mack brand to be worldwide and at least be recognized as one of the best to do it and much more.

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