Wino Willy “That Vibe Ish” featuring subCONSCIOUS (Produced By Wino Willy)

Wino Willy releases “That Vibe Ish” featuring subCONSCIOUS (Produced By Wino Willy)

“That Vibe Ish” is the newest single off of DJ/producer/MC Wino Willy’s compilation titled The Visions of Qon Duixote. The song features verses from the Atlanta hip-hop collective subCONSCIOUS who just recently released their critically-acclaimed debut EP Kaedus, P.U.R.E., & Sha’Lil Are…subCONSCIOUS. The sbCNCS team rhyme seamlessly with eloquence as Wino Willy provides the hard knock production to create the quintessential groove record. The song samples Ronnie Laws’ “Tidal Waves” which is the same sample used in the Black Moon underground classic “Who Got Da Props”.

The Visions of Qon Duixote is a compilation of hip hop instrumentals and collaborations produced entirely by Wino Willy & distributed by the grassroots creative arts group Em La La Terra.

Wino Willy said this about the conception of his latest compilation: “The Visions of Qon Duixote was inspired by a dream I had about Don Quixote as a beat maker; a man trapped in his own delusions. I woke up and made all the beats for this album in a 12 hour period.”

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