Simon-Sez presents Genesis – The Curse and The Blessing out Now

Commission Empire Records Presents Genesis – The Curse and the Blessing by enter the commission member Simon-Sez who has been putting the mixtape together for the last 1 year and is finally ready to release to the public.

This is the first solo project by the Liverpudlian artist who brings something unique to the UK hip hop scene.

Genesis is categorised into 2 Parts: The Curse and The Blessing.

Part 1 is the entitled ‘’The Curse’’, which delves into the many obstacles Simon Sez, encounters as he pursues his music career.

Part 2 is entitled ‘’The Blessing’’ and is an emphasis on being free to do whatever he wants with the music. It is also a celebration of the musical gift he was blessed with.

Download the Genesis – The Curse and The Blessing from the link here >>