Kelly Pepper Interview

Kelly Pepper is a Singer and Songwriter that’s been on are radar for a while now with her powerful and distinctive voice she is definitely one to watch in the near future so we here at Nveam decided to ask her a few questions and learn more about her.

1 Where did you grow up?

I grew up in the South East London/ Kent border, and still live there now… I actually live in the same house i have lived in since birth, with my family. I’m a real family girl…

2 What Inspired you to make music?

I get my inspiration from everything around me, things that i’ve gone through, things my friends have gone through, my views on life… I’m a real optimist and always look for the positive in every situation so i try and incorporate this in my songs. I try to write songs that are uplifting and make people feel good about themselves… I’m really not one for writing lovey dovey ballads about heartbreak or whatever.

3 When did you interest in music shift from being a hobby to something you pursued a career in?

I had always loved singing from a young age, i was always keen to get the leads in school shows and went to amateur theatre companies and the like, but what really made me look seriously at a career in the music industry is when i sang Mariah Carey ‘Hero’ on holiday in a karaoke bar once, i was 14 and the whole bar cheered so loudly after i hit the high note. I had just started writing songs but it still wasn’t clear where i was heading with things, and my mum and dad just said, you’ve got to do something with this… And it got serious from there…

4 Have you got any up and coming projects e.g single, e.p or album your working on at the monent?

My debut single is being released in February 2013! It’s called Live The Day! So far i have only featured on released tracks, i have never released anything myself, so this is all very exciting for me! We’ve filmed the video, and that should be aired on various music channels from January! Then after that i don’t know, onwards and upwards!!

5 Who were some of your influences in music?

When i was young i taught myself to sing by belting out Celine Dion and Whitney Houston in my bedroom, so i’d say those two were quite strong influences. When Titanic came out, i loved ‘My Heart Will Go On’ -cheesy i know! So i got my mum to buy me Celines greatest hits album and i used to come home from school, shut myself in my room for 3 or 4 hours and just shouts the songs until shouting became singing.. Another big influence is Lagy Gaga, i’m a massive fan of hers… I think she’s inspirational in the way she was signed, then dropped and now look what she’s achieved… She set her mind to make it and she achieved it in a phenomenal way!

6 What has been your biggest challenge?

Hmm challenges… Well when i first decided i wanted to seriously take on the music industry, i didn’t have the first clue where to go. I found an advert in The Stage newspaper for a girlband, but when i went to the audition was told that the place had gone. However they told me i could go on an intense music course that would fastrack me to the height of the music industry instead as a solo artist. Me being so niave and young (14), and from a family with no musical background whatsoever, i decided to go on this course with my parents backing… The course course cost a lot of money, and it turned out to be an utter rip off and a scam! The course was even featured on Watchdog!! My parents never saw their money back, and to this day, the whole experience only makes me even more determined to make it in the music industry so i can give back just a little something in return for their lost investment in me…

7 What do you feel is the most important thing about making music?

The most important thing to me about music is communicating with people through the words and the power in my songs, effecting peoples lives and inspiring people… I think anything is possible if you set your mind to it, and i want everyone to share that view, then maybe this country and even the world could be a much happier and more positive place…

8 Where would you like to see yourself in five years?

In 5 years time i would love to have released an album, possibly two or three even, and have touched and inspired people with my music… My dream is to one day have my own tour, when i started singing in my bedroom so many years ago now, i always imagined singing to a huge crowd… So fingers crossed in 5 years, maybe i could be a little closer to achieving this, maybe even be there already!


Kelly Pepper’s Mix CD  -Intent to Conquer- Is Out Now To Purchase On Her Website Here >> store

Check out this banger from the mixtape entitled ‘Live The Day’

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