The Craving Chronicles

I’m about to admit something that will probably make a lot of people gasp in horror, and maybe even close their browser tab and never come back.

My favorite pizza is the kind without tomato sauce.

I know. I hear you. You’re saying pizza without tomato sauce isn’t even pizza. It’s just dough and cheese. And that, my friends, is exactly the point. Dough + cheese. My two most favorite things about pizza, without any tomato sauce to get in between them.

(Not that I won’t eat pizza with tomato sauce because let’s face it, it’s delicious too. Just not my favorite.)

By using fresh, local, in season ingredients something a simple as a pita pizza can really wow. Tomatoes are at their peak right now, bursting with juicy red ripeness. Add some mozzarella from a local farm with some basil from the garden and you’ve got a dinner…

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