Julian Beever

Born in Cheltenham, UK  1959 Julian beever is a British artist who began pavement art as a busker, drawing in different countries including the USA, Australia and Europe to fund his travels, In the early 90’s he began anamorphic pavement illusions, Then moving on to Commercial commissions from the mid 2000’s.

Here are a few shots of his work there was a lot more i wanted to post up but i wanna keep it clean and not to messy to see his fill collection check out his website – www.julianbeever.net

Some have dubbed him “the Pavement Picasso” but he says that although this is flattering, his work has little in common with the Spanish Master except perhaps in the fact that Picasso too was interested in 3 dimensionality in his Cubist period. Julian Beever is now in great demand from around the world and from corporate business and has worked in 28 different countries.

Check out this Youtube clip “Concrete Canvas – Mexico City” from the 10 part series “Concrete Canvas” with ElectricSky Productions as Julian Beever attempts to create a work that captures the natural and surrealist beauty of Mexico.

Check out his website to more of his work – www.julianbeever.net