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Greetings I wrote this post awhile ago when I was thinking of starting a blog,but never got round to it so here it is enjoy

1st december 2010 a few days away from my birthday sitting here wondering why my life isn’t changing and it dawns on me that I’m the reason why!I’ve failed to open my eyes and see the blessings that have been given to me,I’ve put on weight been very ill frankly let go of myself and couldn’t see the person I was destined to be,hanging around people that didn’t have me or my child in mind,but kept me around for there own selfish reasons. I wanted everything without giving nothing,wanted respect without earning the trust from others ,I clearly didn’t realised that life doesn’t play games like that,I was playing on my own,it sees no race,colour,age nor does it care for tears that flows from our…

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